Tuesday, August 31, 2010

By Any Means Necessary

I think everyone knows my favorite word is GRIND. To me grinding means envisioning something and working towards making that vision come alive in color. Keyword is WORK. In the Bible's book of James it says Faith without works is dead.
In my GRIND I have adapted a Malcolm X philosophy..."By any means necessary". So whether I am sick or not feeling 100% I still work. Work towards that vision. I look at and meditate on my vision board daily along with constant prayer. When nothings happening I make it happen. Again back to that Malcolm X philosophy. Mail carriers deliver mail through rain, sleet, snow or hail. I want to be able to produce no matter how I am feeling or what is happening in my life. Whether it's working on my Reality Show, Baking, Creating Cakes Designs, Blogging or writing my book, I want to produce. I want to produce quality products. In order to do that you have to be in a certain mind set. I create while playing jazz or in total quite depending on my mood. Part of the GRIND is attending events and supporting others in what they do. So you may see me attending a play, supporting someone's music project, attending parties in support of someone else because in this GRIND its not just about me. It's about being supportive to others. Support is like Karma..Give it and it comes back to you. I don't support others to in turn get support its just something that I do. Its in my nature. Art comes in all forms painting, music, poetry and cake design just to name a few of the many forms.
I ABSOLUTELY love what I do and I hope you do too

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Life Lessons

Since I last checked in I have started fasting,did an interview with my family from Harlem World Radio, surprised a friend with a custom B-Day cake, planned a T&A Tea Party, an Erotic Dessert Party, planned the whole month of October for celebrating my B-Day. October calls for celebration because it was the month in which I was born. This month is bittersweet for me. Its also the month in which God felt the need to call me Grandmother Annie Mae Moore home 3 days before my B-Day. I am getting through it but I will never get over it. Fasting helps me get clarity, commune with God and allows me to see who I am clearly. I am learning that people will disappoint you both unintentionally and intentionally. Despite this we must love them and love one another. I have learned to control my anger. Not having time to be angry on top of viewing anger as a wasted emotion has allowed me to have more patience. I keep myself GROUNDED. This is extremely important. I don't want to get "big headed" and start thinking that I am "THE PASTRY CHEF". I want to remain that down to earth, funny, beautiful(on the inside where it counts) person that God made me to be. I make sure to LAUGH EVERY DAY. That is a HUGE part of my daily diet.

I thank God for giving me such a talent that I can share with others. Since I'm a giver, giving comes quite naturally for me. I have 2 days until I finish fasting and this has been very challenging. God has been showing me some things that are wonderful and some that are painful. I am working on some cake ideas that will blow you away. I want to thank my TEAM". Without them I could not do what I do. My Assistant Shawna B of Shawna B Events is the GREATEST....Love you Sweets...
You have to take the GOOD with the BAD. That one of LIFE'S LESSONS.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Grind 101

Those who know me know that I am married to myself(AKA My Business). I am in a committed, monogamous and dedicated relationship with myself. There aren't too many people that understand this grind. If I had the choice of being on a tropical island with the most gorgeous, attentive, affectionate and intelligent man or being on my GRIND. Guess what ? I'd choose the GRIND. That's just where I am in this age and stage of my life. I know I am suppose to be talking about what I did for the week but let me just break this down for you, If I may. People make time for what they want and choose to make time for. PERIOD. No if's and's or but's about it, including myself. I will pause my grind for you if you happen to that dude that I feel deserves me to do so. I know that God will send a man when I am ready and when he's ready. Its that simple. In the meantime I will ready myself for his coming into my life. There are things that I must do in preparation for My King. 1 thing is. He must understand and respect my GRIND. That means he must not waste my time because my time is very valuable and can't be brought back once its wasted. Communication i the key to any and every relationship. All I ask if that you communicate to me what I need to know.
I have been fasting for the past few days trying to get clarity on my business and my personal life.I went out this week in support of other people's events. I have been through Manhatt and to the Bronx in doing so. It's about support. If you were a friend or colleague and you joined the circus I'd be sitting in the audience cheering you on. Its all about supporting others in whatever it is that they do.
We have a BEAUTIFUL addition to our family. I have another niece Madison. I'm preparing for some HUGE events. I am already booked into October. I will be traveling to different cities, Radio interviews and October is my Birthday month. I am planning to raise funds for Cancer Care during this whole month.
New clients, new cakes ideas and more money...I was born and bred to do this.....

Sunday, August 8, 2010

It's All About Cake: Week-End Review

It's All About Cake: Week-End Review

Week-End Review

What a WEEK!!!! Anyone can tell you I am ALWAYS GRINDING, seeking new clients, staying on top of the ones I already have and just trying to stay sane throughout all this is challenging. Even with obstacles I always manage to keep persevering. Baking is in my blood. I know this is something I was born and bred to do without a shadow of a doubt. I always keep the main ingredient for all my recipes. That's LOVE. My Grandmother always reminded me that Love is the KEY ingredient to any and every recipe. When I go into the kitchen I pray. I ask God for his guidance. When you have Love & Prayer as key ingredients how can any recipe turn out wrong?
This week was busy preparing orders, getting supplies, and interview with NY1, a local news station here in NYC, working on my my reality show and of course thinking of a MASTER PLAN....I don't allow myself to have a defeatist attitude about anything. I always try to look at the glass half full. I try to watch my thoughts. I try to create a positive environment that will attract positivity. I use the word TRY because of course I am human and as human beings we are subject to era. With all the things I do I have to find a balance with my personal life as well. There are days I choose do just nothing. No Phone, Email, Facebook or Twitter. I go off the air. I take this time to regroup, recharge and get rejuvenated about me, my business and about life in general. I don't take enough of days like this but I'm working on that. So today on a Sunday morning I am working writing this blog and letting the creative juices flow. I added some writing to my books that I began writing some time ago. I got inspired by some friends I saw last night. I love being around people who are inspiring. So I am taking the inspiration that was sparked within me to write this blog and hope that this will inspire someone else. If not today then maybe one day