Sunday, January 9, 2011

Dear God...I Just Want To Make A Difference....

God speaks to us all. Whether we choose to hear Him that's another story. Life as a Pastry Chef isn't always SWEET and everything I do isn't always related to pastries. Recently I started the She-ro Project. Its a movement for the Empowerment, Uplifting & Inspiration of ALL women.
I started the She-ro Awards Ceremony in March of 2006. It started out as a ceremony honoring business women who have helped other business women in their journey. 5 years later its taken a different turn. In 5 years so much has happened. In 5 years us women have not only lowered the bar but its been dropped on the ground and now being buried by all sorts of debris. The She-ro Awards Ceremony has now been turned into the She-ro Project. My goal is to enlist the help of other women and start the painstaking process of brushing away the debris. This will not happen overnight. We all know Rome wasn't built in a day. It took years to get where we are today and it may take years to rectify but it has to start somewhere.
God put this whole project in my spirit. I spent a great deal of time on the phone with BBF's talking about the state of the Woman today. I talked about how we disrespect ourselves and one another. This really has to stop. God said to me "Why not do something about it? You move and I will move everything to make sure this movement goes in the direction of CHANGE". I had my doubts. I said "God I am only 1 person. How?" God answered me and said "That's what your team is for". Well my team has been PHENOMENAL. The devil has tried to attack me and my movement but my faith did not and will not allow me to be shook or taken off course. I NEVER let go of GODS unchanging hand as I started the movement. I could write a book(I've already started) on how the attacks started the moment I set God's plan into action.

My goal is not to win any prize or receive accolades for what I am doing. My goal is to make a difference in at least I person's life. If I make a difference then my living would not have been in VAIN...

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  1. Love It Babez! Stand storng & Peace, Love & Prosperity with this endeavor& your business! Love the cakes! I know my photgrapher friend would love that camera cake!