Tuesday, October 19, 2010

I Remember When

This is an picture of my Grandmother Annie Mae Moore. One of my greatest inspirations. I have so many memories of her. On October 19,2004, which happens to be 3 days before my B-Day she was called home to be with God. This was a tragic day for our family. She and I had so many things in common. We were both the oldest of 6 children to start. We used to talk about how our younger siblings got on our nerves. There are so may things I miss about her. How she used to have a scripture for ANY and EVERYTHING that ailed me. I loved how she used to sit in her bedroom and do crossword puzzles eating peanut chews. She brought them by the bagful. Every Thanksgiving we would all get together and watch The Color Purple and she would narrate almost the whole movie. I laugh thinking of all these things.It's important to have those "I remember when" moments in life and in your family. I push rewind and I go back to some of the special moments that she and I shared. I miss talking to her 4-5 times a day. I miss how she used to babysit my dog. The list goes on and on. You never know the time or the day when someone will leave this earth so cherish the moments. Be sure to create those "I remember when" moments with family and friends. Life is short and you never know that time or the date when you or they are scheduled to leave here.

I know my Grandmother is looking down from Heaven wondering why am I making such a fuss over her. Naming my company after her, making sure that as a family we never forget her and constantly keeping her memory and her legacy ALIVE.
Mommay(pronounced Mom-May our nick name for her) you were and are such an inspiration to me that there is no way I will ever let anyone in this family forget you. You are sorely missed and still loved. Sending you Love all the way to heaven.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Time To Push The Reset Button

This is a picture of my Mom. One of the STRONGEST women I know. She taught me how to be strong like her. So in this Blog I salute my Mom Asia Moore. I miss you Mommy.

As I write this Blog I am numb. I have had a very trying, challenging and difficult week. All these things just let me know how much closer I am to my DREAM. My building's elevator has been out now for a little over a week. Imagine going shopping for supplies and having to drag(literally) most of the things up 5 flights for an event your catering for 300 people. I could not possibly leave them in my car. So I did what I had to and made several trips up 5 flights of stairs. I then had to drag the things back down to go into the kitchen in Brooklyn. Did I cry about it? No. I just kept it moving without being upset or distressed.. Staying calm and staying focused on the matter at hand. I have learned is not focus on the problem but to focus on finding a solution but remaining calm throughout the ordeal is KEY. I am so used to going from 0-60 in 60 seconds
I use a lot of butter in making my cakes, icing and cheesecakes so I go to my suppliers to only find out that dairy has gone up tremendously. FOR REAL??? There is no time to cry over any of this. I just had to deal with it.
I GRIND so hard that I sometimes have to push the RESET BUTTON. That consists of me shutting down and doing nothing but relaxing. That entails me maybe going out of town. I sometimes have to leave my working environment in order to regroup and get a fresh start. I know when its time to push that button. My body gives me signs and I pay attention to them. I have to. What I do is physical and rather than have my body shut down on me I shut it down and press RESET.....

Monday, October 4, 2010


This week has been a very trying yet ENLIGHTENING week for me. I had a Dessert/B-Day party and I had the honor of speaking at the Divas Who Brunch Event. I had the privileged of meeting some great women and I also shared my thoughts and personal experiences with them. I hope that I was able to inspire at least 1 woman in that room. I believe that if I have not inspired at least 1 person in my journey then my living would of been in vain.
There was a number of attendees at the Divas Who Brunch event but I was asked why don't more women attend.... For a brief moment I was at a loss for words because the information that was given at the event was well worth the admission price but I found it puzzling myself. So my answer to this person was, in my opinion, that there isn't camaraderie amongst women and there isn't much camaraderie amongst women business owners. Men have this unspoken bond that doesn't need to be discussed. It just a natural act for them but for women..Its different. Women have experienced betrayal, back biting and cattiness from other women making it rather difficult to even be receptive to new relationships. I understand this but I want to be one of the women to dispel the belief that women can't get along. It all starts with self. If we would all be receptive. open to new relationships from other women then maybe we can begin to trust and form positive relationships with other women. So ladies I say have an open mind, heart and open arms and be ready to embrace your sister. She needs you to encourage, Uplift and inspire her. If we'd all just adapt this way of thinking there's NO PLACE we couldn't go.

Know that when you are on THE PATH that you are suppose to be on, the one God has paved for YOU, that you will be attacked. The closer you get to your Glory the more you will be attacked. Knowing this I try to stay suited up and prepared. Some attacks are going to leave you wounded, emotionally and mentally. "What doesn't kill you, makes you stronger". Each wound or battle scar should be viewed as a lesson learned. You will be attacked by those you least expect. The enemy is ruthless and will use anyone to break you down. Don't allow the enemy to use you to try to tear down others.