Monday, October 4, 2010


This week has been a very trying yet ENLIGHTENING week for me. I had a Dessert/B-Day party and I had the honor of speaking at the Divas Who Brunch Event. I had the privileged of meeting some great women and I also shared my thoughts and personal experiences with them. I hope that I was able to inspire at least 1 woman in that room. I believe that if I have not inspired at least 1 person in my journey then my living would of been in vain.
There was a number of attendees at the Divas Who Brunch event but I was asked why don't more women attend.... For a brief moment I was at a loss for words because the information that was given at the event was well worth the admission price but I found it puzzling myself. So my answer to this person was, in my opinion, that there isn't camaraderie amongst women and there isn't much camaraderie amongst women business owners. Men have this unspoken bond that doesn't need to be discussed. It just a natural act for them but for women..Its different. Women have experienced betrayal, back biting and cattiness from other women making it rather difficult to even be receptive to new relationships. I understand this but I want to be one of the women to dispel the belief that women can't get along. It all starts with self. If we would all be receptive. open to new relationships from other women then maybe we can begin to trust and form positive relationships with other women. So ladies I say have an open mind, heart and open arms and be ready to embrace your sister. She needs you to encourage, Uplift and inspire her. If we'd all just adapt this way of thinking there's NO PLACE we couldn't go.

Know that when you are on THE PATH that you are suppose to be on, the one God has paved for YOU, that you will be attacked. The closer you get to your Glory the more you will be attacked. Knowing this I try to stay suited up and prepared. Some attacks are going to leave you wounded, emotionally and mentally. "What doesn't kill you, makes you stronger". Each wound or battle scar should be viewed as a lesson learned. You will be attacked by those you least expect. The enemy is ruthless and will use anyone to break you down. Don't allow the enemy to use you to try to tear down others.


  1. I attended the Divas Who Brunch event and I totally agree with you Danielle. There were great women there with great information. I also think that many women don't understand that what is for you is for you. No one can walk in the pumps God designed specifically for you. If we knew that, we would be more eager to step over the hurts that many of us have experienced and reach out to partner with other women. When you give, you get. It's as simple as that.

    Tanai M. Coleman

  2. Danielle.....I was unfortunately not in attendanc
    e at Divas Who Brunch.....but I have been totally affected by the most positive of ways. You give me hope....encouragement....and I just think the world of you. I know I am on God's path for me because I am being attacked.....and encouraged to attack others.....theenemy knows I'm close....and he can't stand it! It has taken me some time to realize that God does have great plans for me.......and that he is giving me an awesome testimony! Every picture you post radiates with your joy.....and I thank God for blessing me......I would have never signed up for school.....and when I did if it hadn't been for Pastry Chef Danielle Moore.

  3. @Tanai.....Amen..well said Sis..I am hoping to encourage others to form some sort of SisterHood

  4. BBWQueen....If I have not inspired 1 person my liviing would be in vain and if I inspire more than 1 then I am doing God's work. Thank you for reading, supporting, loving and encouraging me. I would not be me if it were not for you...MUAH!!!

  5. Go Danielle, sisterhood in business as well as life. I must thank you for all your support to me as a fellow sister in the Pastry industry. Your words encourage and inspire me. Thanks for being a long distance friend and as you say "I Love What We Do!!"

  6. @Kim..You are most welcome Sis. This is suppose to be what its about. I think some have forgotten.