Sunday, December 26, 2010

Seek Seek, Seek and You Shall Find

Sometimes in life we look so hard for things that we totally MISS them. Most times they are right before our eyes but in our search for them we overlook them, bypass them. Some are so close that it would BITE if it were any closer. In my line of business I am always doing research.ALWAYS. I try to educate myself as much as possible. The trends in the baking industry are ever changing and I have to stay on top of my game. Keep my ears to the streets. There are so many things to learn but sometimes getting money to take classes to learn these things can sometimes be challenging. I have send to send a HUGE 'THANK YOU" to God for allowing me to learn all the things that I wish to learn. For putting EVERYTHING in my path. With the internet there is a plethora of information at your fingertips. That is one of the reasons I constantly research my industry. Funny..I have been researching this particular technique for quite some time. A little over 1 year to be exact and then becoming frustrated but not giving up...BAM..There it was. Step by step illustration on how to execute this technique. I was about to buy the DVD for $40(plus shipping and handling)but there it was on the internet for FREE. It wasn't on the 1st page nor on the 2nd. I found it somewhere on page 7 or 8 via a Google search. I looked and BOOM there it was. God sees when you are persevering. He sees all your hard work and sacrifices. Never feel defeated and never, ever give up. Seek and you shall FIND INDEED....

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