Monday, November 1, 2010

Players Change but The Game Still Remains the SAME

This is a picture of my Mom and Me. I was 10 and this was taken at my 5th grade graduation. I would never forget that day. It was just my Mom & Myself the whole day doing the Mommy & Daughter thing. I am not that same person you see in the photo. Life's lessons, experiences and time has caused me to change both inside and out. Mentally, emotionally,spiritually and physically. I had an epiphany that caused me to write this Blog.
"The Players Will Change but The Game Will ALWAYS Remain The Same"
You may have had friends as a child but you and them are no longer close or no longer speak. We sometimes outgrow our childhood friends. Even in your walk as a entrepreneur you will have to change the players on your team. Your circle gets smaller but stronger.
Unfortunately you will not be able to take everyone with you on your journey. Be prepared to leave behind some family members, significant others and even close friends. As painful and cold as this may sound it has to be done. I, myself had to experience this this first hand. For every 2 people God removes he replaces them with 1 strong, faithful and loyal person. What's for you is for you. God clears a path for you. Its up to you to pave that path that God has cleared. God will make and clear a path but if you want that pathway to be smooth then it has to be paved. Paving is the work that you will have to do in your walk along this path. It's called WORK.
I have everything I need as a entrepreneur.My Grandmother & Mother equipped me with the proper tools to get the job done. God had put me in contact with the people who I need and who need me. My vision for my company has not changed. It probably has expanded some but it hasn't changed. The payers who were initially in place to help make that vision come alive has changed.I no longer feel bad or sad about the changes that are made in my walk. I take each one in stride and continue along my path. The path that has been cleared for me by God himself.