Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Keeping Your Ear To The Streets

As a Pastry Chef I make it my business to research my industry as much as I possibly can. Its about staying ahead of the game, improving on your craft and most importantly KEEPING YOUR EAR TO THE STREETS. Being a Pastry Chef consist of 60% being in the kitchen,10% being in the class, 10% researching your industry and 20% being out and about networking. If you are not networking then whats the point of being in business? Networking allows people to know who you are and what you do. It also give you the opportunity to learn about others and what they do. Form relationships with others so that both your businesses can grow. Its also about connecting people to one another that can utilize each others services/products.
Many don't know this but I have quite a few Chef's who ask me questions about various things. Not bragging but its about sharing knowledge with one another. In this industry I've heard that there are those who refuse to pass along info to others. Me, I'm not one of those people. Information is to be shared with others even if they happen to be in the same industry as you are. What I do is a god Given Talent that can't be taken away by anyone except God Himself. I do what I do and the next Chef may do the exact same thing very differently. Information is like a baton, to be passed onto others and hope that they pass it along to someone else. I have no fears, concerns or worries about the next Pastry Chef because I am me and they are them. My hat goes off to all the other Pastry Chef's because although what we do is SWEET our journey to get where we are and where we need to sometines isn't!!!


  1. Networking is the best part of being in business. When done properly, you not only gain great business connections, but you also gain life-long friends ;-)!

  2. Great article, HB! I feel the same way. We should all strive to share knowledge with others and broaden our industry. Keeping it to ourselves only cripples us and doesn't allow for any creativity. Keep up the good work and keep reminding us why we do what we do!