Wednesday, December 15, 2010

ThIS Woman's Place...In The Kitchen

Back in the 1950's a woman's place was in the kitchen and at home with the children. Since then we have evolved and we can basically be what we want and where we want. I didn't choose to be in the kitchen but that is where God saw fit for me to be. How can I fight against that? LOL. To not use God given gifts is a sin and although I am not perfect and nor do I try to be, I definitely want to at least be obedient to utilizing the gifts that God has chosen just for me. One of them just happens to call for me to be in the kitchen. Do I feel like I have been taken back to the days of the kitchen being "THE" place for a woman to be?? No. Absolutely NOT.
Being in the kitchen creating the things I create gives me a tranquil feeling. I find it very therapeutic being in the kitchen. I hear nothing when I become engrossed in decorating my tasty creations. Everything outside of the kitchen becomes nonexistent. I go into a zone. I hear nothing and only see what I am creating. I don't like being interrupted by nothing and no one. I black out,wake up and coming to with a creation in front of me. That explains it in a nutshell.I am sure there are other artists go through the same or similar hypnotic like trance that I do. Every designer probably has their own ritual of how they begin creating. Cake art like any other form of art is interpreted differently by the person who is viewing the work.You may create something that you are not totally in love with and someone may be in complete awe of your work and vice versa. Never in a million years would I have guessed that my profession would be domestic related. What I can tell you is this WOMAN'S place is definitely in the kitchen......


  1. I couldn't agree with you more. I absolutely LOVE to cook and consider myself a pretty decent cake baker as well (so do several of my friends and neighbors). Years ago I used to sell my cakes to a couple of restaurants and had a fairly decent clientel, but I enjoyed baking and decorating cakes and when it started to transition into a second job. I stopped. Go for it Danielle, it's your calling!

  2. @Venus...Thank you much Miss Lady