Monday, August 9, 2010

Grind 101

Those who know me know that I am married to myself(AKA My Business). I am in a committed, monogamous and dedicated relationship with myself. There aren't too many people that understand this grind. If I had the choice of being on a tropical island with the most gorgeous, attentive, affectionate and intelligent man or being on my GRIND. Guess what ? I'd choose the GRIND. That's just where I am in this age and stage of my life. I know I am suppose to be talking about what I did for the week but let me just break this down for you, If I may. People make time for what they want and choose to make time for. PERIOD. No if's and's or but's about it, including myself. I will pause my grind for you if you happen to that dude that I feel deserves me to do so. I know that God will send a man when I am ready and when he's ready. Its that simple. In the meantime I will ready myself for his coming into my life. There are things that I must do in preparation for My King. 1 thing is. He must understand and respect my GRIND. That means he must not waste my time because my time is very valuable and can't be brought back once its wasted. Communication i the key to any and every relationship. All I ask if that you communicate to me what I need to know.
I have been fasting for the past few days trying to get clarity on my business and my personal life.I went out this week in support of other people's events. I have been through Manhatt and to the Bronx in doing so. It's about support. If you were a friend or colleague and you joined the circus I'd be sitting in the audience cheering you on. Its all about supporting others in whatever it is that they do.
We have a BEAUTIFUL addition to our family. I have another niece Madison. I'm preparing for some HUGE events. I am already booked into October. I will be traveling to different cities, Radio interviews and October is my Birthday month. I am planning to raise funds for Cancer Care during this whole month.
New clients, new cakes ideas and more money...I was born and bred to do this.....

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